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Air Panarea is a service provider with its headquarters in the Aeolian Islands and with its operational base in Panarea. We operate in the helicopter transport of passengers with carriers which comply with the norms and regulations applicable under JAR OPS 3.

Air Panarea provides connections between the southern Italian airports allowing for an arrival in very short times.

The helicopters, the flight attendants and the on-board equipment reply to the maximum safety requirements for the requested kind of services. We also organise sightseeing outings in accordance with the norms in effect.

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  1. Todd Street says:

    Checking coats and availability for 5 pax to teavel fro Palermot to Panarea or Cantania to Oanarea or Naples to Panorea on Sept 2 or 3, returning to Palermo on Sept 5/6/7. Thank You!

  2. Kelly Haskin-Tenenini says:

    I am interested in chartering Air Panarea for one day round trip to Filicudi and return. Can you provide me a cost for an Air Panarea airplane around 14th of September out of Palermo?

    Gracia, Kelly Tenenini

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