Who we are

Air Panarea is a service provider with its headquarters in the Aeolian Islands and with its operational base in Panarea. We operate in the helicopter transport of passengers with carriers which comply with the norms and regulations applicable under EASA. Air Panarea provides connections between the southern Italian airports allowing for an arrival in very…

Your trip

By flying on board of our helicopters you will be witness of an unknown perspective of the fascination of the Aeolian Island. Take off is possible from Panarea, Taormina, Catania or any other requested site. Air Panarea organises all-inclusive stays for professional meetings, wellness weekends, yoga and meditation apprenticeships, weddings and birthdays. Contact us to…


Our helicopter tours are a unique chance to visit the most interesting sightseeing and archaeological sites of Sicily allowing for our guests to choose the durations as best they wish. The helicopter, an Ecureuil AS350 B3 Plus, can host up to six passengers and Air Panarea will ensure maximum optimisation of each detail including the…

Aerial work

Air Panarea is specialized in any kind of aerial work and makes use of the ministerial authorisations granted to companies in possession of COLA to carry out these services. Services include transport of all materials, tensioning of electric straight-lines, fire prevention and extinguishing services, artistic shootings, photographic, cinematographic or television shootings. We also can provide…

Technical instruments

To guarantee high quality in air shootings, Air Panarea disposes of WESCAM stabilized imaging systems. Thanks to its sophisticated stabilizing systems, WESCAM ensure clear and fluid air shootings, allowing for long focal optics and framing of long distance subjects.   Furthermore, WESCAM instrumentations are capable of sending the images and information in real time to…


Air Panarea can propose to its clients a variety of helicopters such as Helicopter A109 Grand – Dauphin – Eurocopter AS 350 – B3 Plus – Eurocopter 350 –

Private jets

Thanks to its partnership with providers in the air executive sector, Air Panarea connects all European airports with the Aeolian Islands. Our booking service is at your disposal for customised costs and logistic estimates.




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